Business Modeling
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Your Business Flight Simulator

Ever wished you could build a financial model without having to fill-in Excel sheets with formulas?
Just select a template, answer a few questions about the operational levers which drive your business, and let WhatIf... build your business plan.
In less than an hour, you can focus on playing out different scenarios and see the impact on your financial statements!

Build Your Business

  • You define the scenarios, we simulate real business dynamics
  • You know about your business and that's what you tell WhatIf... We do all the financial wizardry
  • Easily add market segments, business lines, channels, and expenses, or just pivot...virtually

Real Events. Real Risks

  • What if your star CMO quits? Defects warrant a recall? Your competitor starts a price-war?
  • Easily create events and see their impact on your business' bottom line
  • Business "war-games" will help you mitigate risks

Sell A Winning Strategy

  • Whether you're pitching to a VC, your CEO, or applying for a loan, we have you covered
  • Interactive dashboards and financial statements allow you to answer questions on the spot
  • Tell a compelling story; no more Death by PowerPoint followed by Excel Hell

Are You Future Ready?

WhatIf... creates incredible business and financial models that help playout the future...and win!

WhatIf... is the ideal tool for:

  • Startup Founders
  • Accelerators & VCs
  • Business Unit Managers
  • Management Consultants
  • CFOs
  • Business Schools

Here are just a few things you can do with the WhatIf... Simulator:

  • Create business models based on exisiting templates
  • Manage uncertainty by estimating a range for each assumption
  • Select the probability distribution within the range
  • Use Goal Seek to calibrate your assumptions
  • See how sensitive your business outcomes, such as valuation, are to your assumptions
  • Understand the real impact of policy decisions on your bottom line
  • Plot a wide range of outcomes to understand the dynamics of your business
  • Generate an interactive Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cap Table
  • View your financial statements & charts on a yearly, quaterly, or monthly basis
  • Estimate risk by generating the 90%, 75% and 50% confidence bands for each outcome
  • Incorporate your PowerPoint Pitch Deck
  • Generate a full PDF Report with an executive summary, dashboard, financial statements, risk analysis and a full list of assumptions
  • Share your business scenarios with others
  • Incorporate realistic events into your Strategic War Games
  • Export your results to Excel
  • Test the robustness of your business model
  • Estimate how much money you need to raise before it's 'Game Over!'

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On-boarding is done by a VC and entrepreneur to help you build and sanity-check your business model.